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Abandoned Amusement Parks are as Creepy as You’d Expect

Abandoned Amusement Parks are as Creepy as You’d Expect:

It’s funny how amusement parks, places which are ordinarily teeming with excitement and positive energy, become downright creepy when they’re abandoned. DON’T MISS: The Secret Sites Cord Cutters Use to Stream Pay TV and Movies for Free Recently, photographer Seph Lawless, who has an affinity for taking photos of abandoned structures, set his sights on amusement parks. Some of his photos, which together comprise a book of over 200 photos, are downright chilling. Below are three such examples of Lawless’ work. But as it turns out, taking photos of abandoned amusement parks is more common than you might believe. Below are a number of abandoned amusement parks you might want to steer clear of. Okpo Land These two photo was taken in

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