20 Ocak 2015 Salı

Sleep Paralysis Lise ve üniversite yıllarında haftada bir...

Sleep Paralysis

Lise ve üniversite yıllarında haftada bir olurdu bana.

Up to 40 percent of people report experiencing at some point in their lives, and a few, like Salma, hallucinate shadowy intruders hovering over them. “Sleep paralysis can be a very frightening experience for some people, and a clear understanding of what actually causes it would have great implications for people who suffer from it,” said Baland Jalal, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego. Researchers say that sleep paralysis happens when a person awakens during a stage of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM). People in this stage of sleep are usually dreaming, but their muscles are nearly paralyzed, which might be an evolutionary adaptation that keeps people from acting out their dreams.

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